Congratulations, you’re a Marketer, now what?

Pat yourself on the back, for not only graduating but for choosing a career in marketing.

Some of you will be thinking that running the marketing department is the next logical step in your career.  I mean, you’ve passed your exams, surely with all this theory you’ve learned, it should be easy, right???

I wish it were that easy, even medical graduates (whose degree is a mixture of practical & theory) have to start at the beginning with young doctors having to take part in a hands-on foundation year training programmes before being allowed to specialise in their chosen field.

So here’s what you didn’t learn at Uni;

Managing expectations is going to be your biggest challenge as a fresh marketer.  You’ve got your employers expectations, and these can be quite high and demanding for new graduates.

Then you have your expectations, which for me, I feel are worse as we always expect more of ourselves.

It’s ok, to not know everything.  Your first goal is to take all the theory you’ve learned at university and put it into practice, just make sure you have the support and guidance in place in your new role.

Don’t expect to be made manager after six months or even a year!  You’re still learning, and each project is another shield to your armour.

Lone Marketer – population YOU!

Not everyone is fortunate enough to land a position with a big blue chip company, working with a team full of experienced marketers.

Don’t be discouraged from joining a company with a small marketing team or where you’re the only marketer.  Your learning should be fast paced but if you don’t have the support of management, then you may want to ask yourself if your company values marketing.  Are they willing to onboard some help (e.g. training, external consultancy) to develop your skills?

Don’t stop learning!!

Marketing and the role of the marketer are forever changing and with advancements in technology, changes are happening at a much faster pace.  Be prepared to commit to your professional development and consider joining The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s CPD program to ensure you keep up to date.


Network, network, and network!  People buy from people, and you never know who you’re going to meet, your future employer or industry representatives, so always promote yourself!  Think about getting involved and attending a few local CIM branch events.

You’re famous!

Ask yourself, ‘what do you want to be famous for’?  What do you want people to see when they meet you or come across your LinkedIn profile?  Start setting some goals!  Not sure where to start?  Then join the CIM’s mentoring program and get expert advice from a practicing professional.

Be respectful!

Whether you’re talking with the CEO of your company or the cleaner, everyone deserves your respect and plays a part in helping the company grow.  Be respectful of other peoples work and take the time to understand how their department works, you never know when you need to call in a favour to Finance or IT and guess who they’ll help first…