Follow Your Instinct. Follow Your Gut!

Have you ever made a decision in which others have told you “you’re mad” or “you’re making the biggest mistake of your life”, yet every fibre in your body (your gut) is telling you it’s the right decision? The odds may be stacked against you but physically and emotionally you feel fine, in fact you feel great.  Have you ever felt this way?

We’re constantly being told to deny our emotional feelings and lead with our minds and to base decisions on the data available to us, yet 80% of all decisions made in business are based on pure emotion (Psychology Today) and 95% are made unconsciously (Gerald Zaltman).  I’m not saying we should ignore data and lead with our hearts but our bodies are powerful, the chemicals and emotions they elicit are overwhelming.  These feelings act as an early warning sign, a defence mechanism that we sometimes ignore, but should we?

I’d be interested to hear from others who have followed their instinct, what was the result?