Marketing to the Unconscious Mind And How to Influence Behaviour

Everything you do affects the emotional state of your customer.  

Everything you do determines what your customer believes about your organisation”

– Shelle Rose Charvet

I recently attended a course hosted by NLP Dynamics on Language and Behavioural Profiling (The LAB Profile®) delivered by world leading expert on influencing through language, Shelle Rose Charvet.

LAB Profiling is the study of how people communicate in a given context and what their motivational patterns are.

In her best-selling book, Words That Change Minds, Shelle explains how there are 6 Motivation Triggers that people need to get excited about something.  And 8 Working Traits that describe how a person processes information, the environment they need to be in to be productive, their response to stress and how they become convinced.

Thinking about your own working style, what motivates you to work on a project?  How do you know if you’ve done a good job?

People’s behaviour changes depending on the context.  What if we could decipher the patterns in any given context and learn to decode those patterns in order to ethically influence and persuade, well, anyone?!

Learning to decode the pattern gives you the language you need to use to act.

What if you could understand, predict and influence behaviour?  What impact would this have on your organisation, client relationships, sales and employee engagement?

As marketers, are we not already masters of influencing behaviour?  Are we not taught to “put ourselves in our customers shoes” and understand how they make decisions, to predict their behaviour and influence their buying decisions?  We’re always looking for ways to improve communications with our customers in mind.  Or are we?

If you’re a marketer at this point you may be thinking “yes, we do” so why are so many companies getting it wrong?

It could be because they’re using language based on their own patterns to communicate with their customers.  Communication is about what the other person heard so how can you ensure you’re communicating effectively?

It takes more than simply understanding your customer, you need to use their language to lead them to your way of thinking.

You can learn more about LAB Profiling here.