You’re Marketing Me Crazy!

Does the thought of sitting down and working on your business marketing make you feel queasy?  Marketing is so broad that, if you try and tackle everything at once, it can quickly become overwhelming. This means you will either: won’t do anything at all or you’ll try to do too much and neither will help you or your business.

“Where do I start?!” We hear you asking! Well, grab yourself a tea or coffee as we’re about to tell you.  You’ll need post it notes and wall space!

Firstly, let me ask you; where do you see your business in 3 years’ time?  What’s the vision?  If you don’t have a big picture, it can make it difficult to work backwards to how you’re going to achieve it (providing it’s realistic, which we’re sure it is).

Then ask yourself the same question and make a list (post it notes are great for this exercise) of everything you’d need to do to achieve your 3-year goal.

If you’re thinking – “PANIC – I’ll have too many post it notes” that’s good! Remember this is a 3-year plan!

Once you have all your post it notes written out, put them in order of importance, so they follow a logical sequence.

Step back and review.

Now look at your list again; what can you realistically action in year 1?  Review and stop at the last note you feel you could complete either yourself or via seeking support.  These posts it notes will be your focus for year 1.  Repeat until you have 3 years (we suggest you move years 2 and 3 to another wall).

Step back, review and reflect.

 Once you’re happy with your list, we recommend taking a picture.  Then begin adding each task into a spreadsheet (we suggest a new tab for each year).

Once you’ve transferred all the information, start thinking about what you’re capable of doing yourself and highlight the areas where you’ll need outside professional support.

If you’d like to have your strategy reviewed then feel free to contact us.