Training Services

Supercharge Your Team with Training Designed to Achieve and Maintain Excellence

Have you ever wondered what drives people to do what they do? What motivates a client to a certain decision or behaviour? The answer is our values and our values drive our behaviour.

What We Offer

Our training packages are designed around our client’s needs.

We use powerful practical tools and techniques for personal and professional development and advanced communication skills.

Looking to improve and enhance your team’s communication, rapport building and goal setting? The techniques we use have a proven positive effect on business performance. Equip your team with specific skills for dealing with people who perceive the world differently from us and help improve relations with peers, bosses, customers, new prospects, and across cultural divides in multinational companies.

Invest in your staff and help them develop strong emotional intelligence and promote positive, ethical change.

A Selection Of Our Courses

Social Media Courses

Ideal for beginners or intermediates looking to get started or expand their knowledge of social media include’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.


1to1 or team coaching we use a solution-focused approach, to help you set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Time-based) goals.

Advanced Communications

Advanced language and communication skills. Learn the secrets of non-verbal communication. Develop your power and flexibility as a communicator/leader.

Influencing Through Language & Behaviour

Find out what motivates people, so that you can influence them with integrity, make better decisions and manage them more effectively.

Business NLP Diploma

Certified by the ANLP, the Business NLP Diploma will give you an insight into NLP within a business context and how it can improve and enhance communication, rapport building, resolve conflicts and goal setting.

NLP Practitioner

Accredited by the ANLP the NLP Practitioner course focuses on how you can use NLP techniques in a business context to achieve excellence. The practical skills you learn can be applied at work straight away.